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MAMA PINK GOLD Chenille patch 11 inches in size

MAMA PINK GOLD Chenille patch 11 inches in size

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These can go on any color fabric! Sweaters work best these are heavier than normal transfers.

It also exhibits a very soft and amazing pressed feel.  Pressing instructions remain the same 60 psi 5BAR  With calibrated time and heat settings at 7-10 seconds at 350 degrees fahrenheit  (teflon sheet cover)  DOUBLE PRESS

 We do recommend using a heat press.  House hold iron wont work.  Can press on any color garment 100% cotton/100% polyester/tri-blends and more.

 Wait 48-72 to wash. Washing cold inside out and avoiding fabric softeners will extend the life of  the transfer.

By purchasing you agree that the process for the application of our transfers is your responsibility and we not refund due to user error. There is a learning curve to heat pressing and transfers and every heat press is different.

Thank you :)

please message us if you have any questions 


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